A New Year…

And hopefully, a new you!  Not that I am advocating doing a complete upheaval of your life and undergoing a drastic transformation, but I think that we can all agree that there are some things in our life that we can afford to tweak.  I said tweak, not twerk, twerking was so 2015.  So instead of making all of these unrealistic goals, I have decided to set a few for myself.  Nothing too crazy, and all verrrrrrrrry vague, and I encourage all of you to do the same!


My 2016 Tweak List:

  • QUIT SMOKING- ok so this one may not be so vague, but it is a hard reality.  I need to quit.  I started smoking casually at the age of 15 and by time I was a freshman in college, I was a full fledged pack a day smoker.  I’ve made a few “serious” attempts to quit before, but none have been too fruitful.
  • GET IN SHAPE- again, not too vague, but I’m not setting a “goal weight” or giving myself any crazy restrictions.  Not just yet anyway, but I do plan on doing a Whole30 in the near future, because I think it would help with other issues aside from my weight.
  • GET MY SHIT TOGETHER- I mean, I’m not saying I’m a disaster, however this year I turn 30, in just 8 short months.  I have a good job, but I could be doing more.  Get my debt and frivolous spending down!  Save those dollar dollar bills ya’ll!  Not to mention that I would REALLY love for BL and I to get an apartment, which isn’t going to happen when we’re eating out constantly and not monitoring our spending.
  • YOGA YOGA MORE YOGA- I was on a pretty good yoga binge for awhile, and then as all things usually do with my life, I got lazy and pushed it to the side.  Yoga is an amazing form of exercise that will not only get my fat butt in shape, but also my mind and spirit, which I admit have been a little on the chubby side too.  A few months ago, I went to the doctor and talked to her about my anxiety.  She ran through a few recommendations, one of which was a prescription.  I toyed with the idea, but I decided to give yoga and meditation a try first.  I noticed as I slipped back into my lazy and depressed mood that my anxiety has been at an all time high, and I would really love to be able to get that under control.
  • BACK TO SCHOOL- back to school, back to school, to prove to dad that I’m not a fool.  Just kidding, my dad doesn’t think I’m a fool, but when I was 19 and decided I was going to major in Psych and then take over the world after law school, I wasn’t thinking clearly.  I’m glad I didn’t pursue a law degree, but now I’m left with a very expensive piece of paper, that qualifies me to do basically nothing.  So I’m going to start taking classes, I’m not sure which ones yet, but it has been almost 8 years since I took a class, and it would be a good starting off point.
  • READ MORE- I love to read, and to be honest, I haven’t really been doing a great job at that either.  I printed off a few book challenges for 2016 which I will be posting about, so please feel free to play along!
  • WRITE SOMETHING EVERYDAY- so this one is pretty set in stone, but I hope one day I get to publish a book.  That isn’t going to happen if I’m not writing, which I’m not.  So self, get on that.

So there it is, my Vague Tweak List 2016.  I’m sure there are plenty of other things I can work on, and one of them will be this blog.


So Happy New Year’s everyone!



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