A Reading Challenge! 41=Days To Election Day. 43=Presidents Of the United States. 9.55=Days Allotted to Each President.

In watching the news, I can’t help but notice that there is an upswing in the political intensity of broadcasts.  When I was in high school and college, I was very politically minded.  I was up on current events, I loved nothing more than going toe to toe in my World Politics college class with the straight laced Republicans, and could almost hold my own in a heated confrontation with my grandfather.  Since I’ve been out of college, I must admit that I have become less politically minded and more concerned with the social issues that plagued the nation.  I vote based on the candidate and their stances on the social issues first and the financial issues second.

But this isn’t a political post.

The most recent story of Kim Davis, the super conservative elected official refusing to do the job she was elected to do, really intrigued me.  People were throwing around federal law verses state law, religion in politics and sprinkling in some marijuana law jargon.  The comments made me realize that the American people know so little about their own government, and very little about the history of how this country was built.

I really promise, this isn’t political!  (Only maybe a little).

Then, in a realization that stunned me, I realized how little I knew/remembered about history.  At one point, I was a history major.  I took classics classes in college, including an entire semester class on Sparta.  But I remembered so little about every thing I learned.  So I issued myself a challenge, and I invite you to join me!

There are 411 days until election day.  There have been 43 Presidents Of the United States Of America.  That give me 9.55 days to read a biography on each president.  Anyone want to play?

The first book I’m reading is Washington: A Life, by Ron Cherow.  I picked a very intimidating first book at 817 pages.  Which means that I need to read 85 pages a day on this first one.  Oops.  Luckily, Cherow is an amazing writer, so the book is flowing nicely with little redundancy.  I’m at page 55 right now, and with my 9.55 day limit, technically I need to read 79.79 pages a day.  That is SO MUCH BETTER than 85.

No, this isn’t an assignment, it should be fun.  You don’t need to pick a monster book.  There are hundreds of books on George Washington.  Pick one, and learn a little something about our founding father.  I’ll be posting my review of mine ASAP, and I invite you to do the same.

Also, any other history nerds have any suggestions on Presidential Biographies that I absolutely must read?


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