July 2015 Ipsy Glam Bag Review


The Glam Bag!  Although I started with Birchbox, I have to admit, the GlamBag has quickly become what I look forward to most in the mail.  And that’s saying a lot because I order a lot of things online.  Not to mention I love the tiny bags that my stuff comes in, because who can’t have enough tiny bags.

Vasanti BrightenUp!:


One of my favorites, and something I never mind getting, even if it is a double.  I’ve received this sample a few times from both Ipsy and Birchbox and I am always excited.  This gentle cleanser is light enough to use every day, and it’s mild exfoliating properties leave you face fresh and smooth.  My skin always feels like it is glowing.

Be a Bombshell Tinted LipBalm


Now this is what I’m talking about.  A lightly tinted lip balm, that left a light pink sheen over my lips.  Sadly, I can’t give you a selfie because this lip balm, like so many others before it, has been eaten by my purse.  One day, I will play a game of What’s in Furf’s Bag? and show you just how easy it is for one tiny chap stick to get eaten.  When it resurrects itself sometime in the near future, I will update with a selfie, I promise.

City Color HD Powder:


I’m not going to say too much about this powder.  It’s pretty and simmery and I’m too lazy to log on to Ipsy to read the directions, so I apply it over my eyeshadow if I put too much on.

LaPlaya Sea Salt Spray:


I love I love I love!!  I can’t say enough about this hairspray.  I apply it to my damp hair, put it in a braid and let it air dry or sleep on it.  When I take it out in the morning, my hair has a soft, beach like feel.  I also like to use it to set my curls, in addition to the RUSK re-styling cream.  The sample is a decent size, so as soon as it runs out, I will buy for sure!

and the best for last…

Essie: Fashion Playground:


I love nail polish, however I am incapable of painting my own nails.  Unless it is instant dry, I don’t buy it, because I can never sit still long enough to let it dry.  This was was nice, the color is a very pale blue, almost white.  It is a little too light for me to wear on my nails, but it looks adorable on my toes, especially when my feet are tan.

nail polish
evidence: I cannot paint my nails

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