Book Review: The Ladies’ Room by Carolyn Brown


So this book came to me via recommendation from my mother, who will read just about anything.  On the plus side, it was free on Kindle Prime, which I was demoing on BL’s new Kindle Fire.  The book begins with poor Trudy, mourning the loss of her Aunt, and trapped in the bathroom where she overhear’s her cousins spill bits and bobs about her life that were news to her.  It didn’t end there.  The last bit of news that no one knew was the Aunt Gert had left Trudy her house.

Trudy quite literally pulls her head from the sand, and begins to renovate Gert’s old house with the help of her neighbor and new friend Billy Lee Tucker.  In what proves to be a hilarious turn of events, Trudy gets revenge on her cheating ex husband, her bitchy daughter and her uppity cousins, all in one swoop.  Billy Lee turns out to have some hidden talents of his own, and provides a very unlikely but at the same time all too likely hero for our dumpy heroine.

This really turned out to be a very quick and witty read, that I was able to finish in just under a day.  I laughed quite a bit and by the end of the book I really came to like Trudy.  She was funny and practical character, who keeps her readers pulling for her the whole way.  It all end ties up into a nice little bow, and they all live happily ever after, which I really need my characters to do these days, seeing how I’m currently in it for the laughs.

I would recommend this book for beach reading, lounging by the pool or curled up in a warm chair, any of which would be preferable to my couch that is currently splitting in 2.


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