Sugar and Spice & Everything Nice

Recently, on a whim, I decided to start making my own sugar scrubs.  I really like them and they’re very expensive.  After some extensive research, I figured out that they’re really, in essence, oil and sugar.  After those basics are established, it begins to become and big dicier.  You can start adding all kids of goodies, starting with fragrance.  And they’re are literally thousands of combinations to come up with.  I decided that I needed a staple scrub.  An all around product that can be used by both men and women, that could help to build a brand.

This is a repost from my Prim Sugar Scrub blog.

Original Post:

Lately, the fall has been all around me.  I’ve been excited about the weather, the colors, the food but most of all, the smells.  With the exception of the Christmas smells, there is nothing more wonderful than the smell of Autumn.  Which is why I decided that one of my first scrubs, and hopefully a store staple was going to be something that evoked the full on flavor of the fall.


Sugar & Spice and Everything Nice is like rubbing your body down with a cookie.  Prim’s Sugar Mix, combined with fresh cinnamon, honey and black pepper leaves your body feeling plump and fresh.  It’s smell is intoxicating and leaves somewhat of a tingle to the skin.  I attribute that to the black pepper and the cinnamon.  This is very much a combination that I’m still playing with, however I decided to start to research the benefits of cinnamon for the skin, and what I’ve found is pretty surprising, but I’ll still take it with a grain of salt.

A quick Google search proved that people ALL OVER think that cinnamon will pretty much cure all.  It is said to help fill in and smooth fine lines and wrinkles, and help to plump up skin, with I did notice when I used this sugar scrub on my lips.

I’m thinking of putting a new spin on this one, adding some black pepper essential oil and making it into a lipgloss prepper.

To be continued.

Also, Sugar & Spice and Everything Nice is now for sale on my Etsy page!  Click Here to order some.  I’m in a creating mood, so I’ve been throwing in samples on all orders!  They’re around 1oz each, and some may give you directions to a quick survey to tell me what you think!


Oh hello.  After MUCH success with Sugar Spice & Everything Nice among my family and friends who were kind enough to give it a whirl, I’ve made some changes and additions to the formula.  I’ve just whipped up a second batch, and I can’t wait to hear some feedback on it.  To start, I’ve changed from using a mixture of sugars to a straight organic brown sugar.  My goal with SS&EN is to create a staple, all around sugar scrub that can be used pretty much everywhere.  The addition of the white sugar creates a texture too fine that could be irritating to some areas of the body, as well as being irritating to certain skin types.  So I nixed it.  I also nixed the honey.  Too sticky and it didn’t meld well with the other ingredients.

I also changed up the oil.  Originally, it was straight avocado oil.  In playing with different blends, I’ve settled on a combination of avocado oil, safflower oil and olive oil.  (I’ll soon be trying my hand at blends that include sweet almond oil and grape seed oil.)  Different people enjoy different amount of oil in the scrub.  For instance, one of my friends prefers her’s oily.  She uses the oil left on the skin to hydrate, in place of say, lotion.  Another friend doesn’t care for the scrubs oily texture, so she uses it prior to soaping up.  SS&EN is a nice balance, and the oil blend leaves skin feeling smooth and hydrated.

I kept the fresh cinnamon and black pepper.  In addition to the cinnamon oil, I also added nutmeg oil (a birthday gift!) as well as a generous helping of ground dead sea salts.

I’m in love with my skin after I use this.  The hints of cinnamon linger for a good amount of time, and it compliments many of my winter fragrances.

the updated version, on sale soon in the etsy store!
the updated version, on sale soon in the etsy store!

Of note, my boyfriend is also VERY fond of this scrub, so it is recommended for the men too!

Look for it on sale soon in our ETSY store VERY soon.  Orders placed by 12/15 SHOULD arrive in time for Christmas.

Also soon to come, “What I Now Know About Safflower Oil”, since this a new find for me!


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