Oh Hello There…

I’ve written and deleted this introduction to myself more times than I can count.  Basically I’m not great at talking about myself.  Now you may ask yourself, what business does this girl have writing a blog if she can’t talk about herself?

Well, I’m good about talking about the things I like and the things I’m doing, but I’m not yet proficient at the art of introducing myself.  I am, however, fantastic at sticking my foot straight down my throat during introductions.  I will, inevitably, mispronounce your name, spiddle a bit, or simply forget your mispronounced name within 30 seconds of hearing it.  But I’ll remember your face.  I’ll also introduce you to my boyfriend the first 6 times you meet him.  I have terrible short term memory.  If I didn’t write it down, there is a strong chance I will forget it.

I guess I feel as though listing my interests is the set up for a bad blind date.  But I’ll try.  I enjoy printed media of all kinds.  I’m usually reading anywhere between 3-7 books at a time.  I’ll attempt to post book reviews but who knows how ambitious I’ll be.

I don’t drink coffee just tea.  I enjoy different kinds and I love learning about tea.  There is a certain tea shop that I frequent where I can drop a good amount of money.  I have a tea review blog that I did I whooping 3 reviews on.  Maybe 2.  I’ll try and revive that, but again with the ambition.

Besides tea and reading, I also enjoy crafts and knitting.  No no, I’m not an 80 year old woman.  I’m 28 and Virgo.  I make my own sugar scrubs and am in the process of staring up a small business with it.  I also ski frequently in the winter, and love to travel.

I enjoy makeup and cosmetic products to an almost unhealthy level.  I can’t sit through a whole movie, and I rewatch The Big Bang Theory, Grey’s Anatomy and Pawn Stars.  Or Friends when BL isn’t home.

I’m on a never ending quest to drop 10 pounds, quit smoking and get in shape.  I’ve started and quit Crossfit twice now, and I’ll be going back next week.  Stay tuned.

I love to cook, but I’m not much of a baker.  I don’t follow directions well and often improvise, which makes for a fantastic cook and a pretty crappy baker.  Except boxed cake.  I make a mean boxed cake.

All for now.

More to come, Furf


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